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Hulk Smash Hands Description

Product description Unleash your inner hero with a power-packed punch when you slip on these Hulk-inspired mitts! ‘Hulk Smash!’ Fans of the Incredible Hulk and Marvel Comics will immediately recognize the catch phrase, and other sayings and sounds, that comes out of these big, Hulk Smash Hands when you hit something or swing with them on. With The Incredible Hulk a favorite in theaters, these hands are sure to be a smashing good time for your child (and you!). Punch a wall and the hand will say a catchphrase. View larger. What We Think Fun Factor: Durability: (what this means) The Good: Safe, simple fun The Bad: Sensor can be a little too sensitive In a Nutshell: Realistic looking Hulk hands offers hours of fun and safe entertainment. Both comfortable and durable, Hulk Smash Hands will add to your fun for a long time At a Glance Ages: 3 and up Requires: 3 AAA batteries (included); a Philips screwdriver to change the batteries Realistic, Detailed Look Kids will love pretending to be the Hulk, and with a very realistic look, it’s easy to get carried away. In fact, we are very impressed with just how detailed the hands are — both hands are clenched in fists and are entirely green but exhibit shading patterns that suggest different textures, depth, and intricacies such as bulging veins. The fingernails, in particular, are highly detailed. The hands are about 8 x 10 x 6 inches (WxHxD) When wearing the hands, you really get a sense of them being the Hulk’s hands and not your own. Easy, Simple Fun The hands are simple to play with; just put your hands inside, grab onto the soft bar inside for a secure grip, and swing away. Although simplistic, the hands are a ton of fun. A small battery-operated plastic unit is hidden inside the right Hulk Hand within a Velcro-fastened pouch that offers ten different sayings and sound effects including ‘Hulk Smash!’ and ‘You’re making me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry,’ whenever you hit something or swing hard enough in the air. The sounds are loud enough to be fun but not so loud as to be extremely annoying. One minor complaint is that the sensor can be a little too sensitive, as even the smallest tap often causes the hand to unexpectedly respond. You can also turn the sounds off by flipping a switch. If the battery needs replacing, a Philips screwdriver is necessary to open the battery compartment. The Hulk Smash Hands uses 3 AAA batteries for power. (Batteries are included. ) Kids will easily spend hours having fun from bashing things and each other, delighting from the sound effects. The soft polyester foam construction is both comfortable and durable, doing a good job protecting both the hands and targets from injury. After our time punching walls, each other, and whatever else we could find, the hands didn’t show any signs of breaking down, though the polyester fiber filling did sprout through the surface a bit (this was easily removed. ) Overall, the Hulk Smash Hands are durable and a lot of fun for children, Hulk fans, and for adults looking for a chuckle and stress relief. What’s in the Box Two hulk hands, three AAA batteries (already installed). See all Product description

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